Props from the RDT: James Remar and James Barber

James Barber, because the Urban Peasant was seriously my very first introduction to cooking. It very much influenced what kind of a pothead I turned out to be as well, though trying to explain that theory before 8am on a blustery Tuesday is far beyond my scope.

It also taught me how to keep my clothes clean and unfrozen on a clothes line in the middle of a heavy urban setting when I first moved out of my parents' place at 19 and had never used a laundromat before in my life - nor had I one within walking distance in January. Yeah. I miss the Urban Peasant. I wish it was syndicated and played regularly via re-run.

Someone get on that.

... and James Remar, purely for the fact that I own and have probably dearly loved most of his repertoire within the IMDB. Fans of James Remar have to know exactly who he is, in similar fashion to the big scary fat guy from Lost. Rent these fine films today in order to catch Mr. Remar in his finest acting roles:

The Warriors (1979) as Ajax; an excellent full speaking part! With much use of now obscene words!
Mortal Kombat II, as Raden (Yes, THAT was the guy who replaced The Highlander)
The Girl Next Door, as Hugo Posh
2 Fast 2 Furious, as the SWAT team leader
Pineapple Express, as the scary anti-pot military man

That is all for Tuesday my friends.

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