Fatties and Skinnies

taken from queen mario.

I don't really have many actual, non-offensive words for this.

Except that Barbara Walters has the cajones of a cagefighter.

Don't fuck with butter or Paula Deen, lady.

I don't care how many celebrities you've made cry, or how many bionic implants you have keeping you alive and looking as much (much opposite to say, Joan Rivers.)

Butter is love and you are ruining everything.

I'm not even going to explain myself any further. I'm really not.

I just wanna see Walters and Deen in a butter-wrestling match now.


Corporate Responsibility

I would notsay that social importance is just as important as economic performance, but it is an important factor. We are not something separate - just a body of people founded by some shareholders, operated in their behalf. We are part of the structure of thetown we work in andthe lives of the people we employ and of the country we live in and I think it is ridiculous to pretend otherwise.

- Sir Anthony Pilkington, Chairman, the Pilkington Group (quoted in Bloom, 1994)



Ms. V: I had this one client at the salon once, huge brick shithouse of a shaggy man with a full beard. He came in looking like a country preacher and left looking like a cop, with a high-and-tight and a clean shave. I told him while cutting his hair that I liked David Bowie, and he asked me if it was because he was a homosexual.

Mr. Tim: Alright...

Ms. V: I have some questions about this scenario. Firstly, was he a preacher or a cop?


Restaurant City vs. Aces High; or, waiting for the Bell Tech

"Ewww, the toilets are dirty again!"
"Yes, the afterburners are working quite nicely!"

... gamer love.