Hairy Q&A

"Okay, so if I bleach my hair it's going to go orange, right?"
"That depends on what it does naturally. If there's red in it, it'll go orange as sure as Snookie will."
"It went neon last time..."
"I... can't believe I just said that."


Overheads and Overheards

"Bologna, I don't know if you know, will take the paint off a car."
"I did not know that. I love bologna."
"Probably for the best that your innards aren't coated in car paint then, yeah?"


The Almost-Daily Rip

RIP Dixie Carter (May 25, 1939 – April 10, 2010)

I hope you're swilling mint julups in the great big Sugarbaker design house in the sky. I hope, because you were the best Designing Woman. Happy trails, Dixie!

"Sugarbaker? Oh, I love that! See, I did it too! Kikibaker!"


Been Kissed: Very Srs Scientific Biznss

"This is all very scientific. When you're making a movie, it requires some type of obstacles to overcome that throw a wrench into the gears of a perfectly lain out plan. Clearly, a car not starting is a boring and bland conflict for a romantic comedy, unless there are extreme extenuating circumstances. BUT IF YOU'RE MAKING A DOOMSDAY MOVIE, and your main characters are TRYING TO ESCAPE A HUNDRED-FOOT TSUNAMI, and the CAR WON'T START, that's gonna put asses on the edges of seats, is it not?"