"Well, sure... punks need love too. But, only punk-love."
"That's like, the filthiest kind."

(... and in response to "420 Dating"...)

"Honey, there's a dating website dedicated purely to stoners - 420 Dating."
"Don't you dare go to it. I will know."


Wil Wheaton, Discuss

miss vee says:
oh, that's a common defence
it's either innocent or purposeful but entirely useless in either sense.
if she was crazy, then she's telling you that because she thinks it has some bearing on how the rest of your life is going to play out.
mr. tim says:
miss vee says:
if she was one of those sweet naive things it may have actualy been a rare case of guilt
mr. tim says:
"look at how good im doing now, is there an inkling of wanting me back?" syndrome
miss vee says:
wherein she thinks telling you and you not caring will make her feel better about the breakup. but yes, she sounded crazy - so that's just crazy talk for "HAR HAR I AM SHLUT I PROLLY DON'T KNOW HIS MIDDLE NAME OR NOTHING"
mr. tim says:
miss vee says:
and then your camp is all like
"bitch stfu. you were cut from the cast. if you keep appearing on set, you will be arrested."
mr. tim says:
miss vee says:
well, i have always viewed my life as the v show
and thereby, all other people are simply cast as characters in the world that is your life.
mr. tim says:
"excuse me, but the producer wants to have a word." response - " :O "
miss vee says:
and nobody remembers the redshirts.
mr. tim says:
lol im actually wearing a red plaid shirt at the moment
miss vee says:
well, yes, but you're no ensign tim. i'm sure you won't be eaten by space monsters or shot by some drakoriannn overlord anytime soon while on mission. if that's how you're supposed to end, sir, i am flabbergasted.
mr. tim says:
clearly im a geordi la forge. eyesight fixed and all.
miss vee says:
you're skipping generations man.
can't do that.
continuity errors, different writers, different pop cultural eras.
different propagandic agendas.
different presidents, basically.
mr. tim says:
clearly, but be that as it may... that was MY show during my impressionable years
miss vee says:
stay within the presidents.
technically it was my generation too
but i really had no use for that kind of thing at the age i was. my sister was, and look what the fuck happened to her.
mr. tim says:
Sargaziaan Blood Flu im guesssing
miss vee says:
yes, sounds like a job for leeches
which she can't handle because she was also of the stand by me generation.
fuck you, wil wheaton. you fucked up my sister's life.
mr. tim says:
lol that totally cracks me up
"Fuck you, Wil Wheaton."
dont be such an Ensign.