Original $10 List

A note from Ms. V:

Let me explain this a little further before we continue and make this an ongoing segment within our topics.

When Mission Impossible 3 came out, I refused to go see it in theatres on the grounds that I will not support Tom Cruise or his crackpottery. Now, my father is a big fan of the Mission Impossible franchise (and really, any kind of film where there are fast cars and things inevitably blow up in glorious fashion) and while I am staunchly opposed to Tom Cruise, I am also staunchly opposed to upsetting my Daddy.

So he took me to see it in theatres, and paid my admission, which was just under $10 at the time. (These movies these days... DISGUSTING price for a film ticket, may I add.) While watching the film, I appreciated it for its blow-dem-up nature and the rest of its cast. I cannot stand Keri Russell any more than I can Tom Cruise, so I was displeased with her, but - lo and behold, the rest of the cast was utterly fantastic. I love Phillip Seymour Hoffmann and Billy Crudup, and well, Johnathan Rhys-Myers is just a lovely lad to look at and listen to when speaking.

I decided then and there that someday I wanted to congratulate these men on making a fantastic movie despite the hinderances Tom Cruise brings with him.

I proposed the idea to Mr. Collins, that someday we should hand $10 to each of the actors whom we felt deserved the admission price we would otherwise not have paid to see their film. Somehow or another, despite being bad movies or not to our tastes, there are actors who are utterly GREAT in otherwise dreary and miserable movies.

Problem is, this list has been growing for several years now and shows no signs of slowing down. So this was our original $10 list, and in future you will see small snippet posts where we have come up with a number of new entrants to the list. New entrants don't always necessarily have a bad film to their name - we just really think that we want to hand them a tenner and thank them for their services to the film industry.

Someday, I seriously wanna storm the Oscars with this list, all for the sake of entertainment television.

I might go so far as to say I would jump across rooftops and swing like a monkey from fire escapes in order to hand Phillip Seymour Hoffmann or Johnny Depp their $10 bills.

All for a laugh, right?

Robert Downey Jr.

Philip Seymour Hoffman
Billy Crudup
Peter Saarsgard
Ving Rhames
Joaquin Phoenix
Johnathan Rhys-Myers
John Rhys Davies
Megan Fox (for putting up with Shia LeBoeuf in Transformers, and also for being a pothead who believes she looks like a transvestite Alan Alda)
Alex Winters
Christopher Walken
Luke Wilson (for The Royal Tenenbaums)
Bruce Campbell
Simon Pegg
Nick Frost
Meryl Streep
James Remar
Ellen Page
Liv Tyler
Milla Jovovich
Audrey Tautou
Dame Maggie Smith

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