The Priscilla Syndrome; the $10 List

Part of the original $10 list includes Hugo Weaving and Guy Pearce, for some very specific reasons.

Obviously moviephiles can argue that both men (and, without a doubt, Terence Stamp, who played Bernadette/Ralph) deserve great praise for their list of fantastic films. I don't disagree. They're all great actors, but there's an actual reason I must find these two and pay them their $10 tribute.

It's that Hugo and Guy have taken such
epic roles since Priscilla that most of our young generation today isn't even aware of their jaunts into the great art of transvestite acting. (By great, I mean the very personality alone necessary to pull off such flamboyance.)

It's that no matter what amazing role I see either of them in (V, Elrond, Agent Smith, Leonard Shelby, etc) I cannot keep a straight face throughout the film despite their good acting skills.

Because it always comes back to Felicia and Mitzi for me. Always.

To make this entirely appropriate, I can sum this up with a great gem from another of Hugo's great movies, V for Vendetta.

"Are you like, a crazy person?"
"My dear, I am quite sure they will say so."

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