Long-term Agenda

From time to time I'll post something on the agenda for pondering; whether the public likes it or not, I'll probably attempt it at some point, given the proper resources and safety precautions.

I don't want to get killed doing any of this ridiculous shit. I don't particularly wish to get arrested, although in this one instance what I'm suggesting I'd like to do is purposefully crafted to attract the attention of local law enforcement.

For the most part I really just want to make people stop what they're doing and watch for a moment or two. Like freezing time if you will. For the sake of funny. It's always for the sake of funny.

So my first order of business for the "Agenda", as it from here on out shall be known, is as follows:

Mission: Skip Across Vatican Square
Required items: Full-tilt Russian ballerina costume
Required skills: Speed and endurance (Currently inadequate)
Intended results: Startle the Swiss Guard
Details: If I make it across the square and successfully evade the Swiss Guard, I win. If I get arrested, Mr. V has to be photographed smoking a bong in his getaway-driver tuxedo with my be-tutu'd ass being hauled away in the background.
Connecting topics: Ms. V and Ms. J inject Rocky into every-day power workouts (necessary endurance training, chock full of insanity and hearty food)

Next topic: High tea with David Bowie, John Cleese, and Peter Gabriel.


  1. That, my friend, is a truly noble goal, and I salute you for it! On that day, if you need a photographer, you can count on me!
    ~Mr. B

  2. You will, I hope, be playing Trans Siberian Orchestras "Mad Russian" at full volume whilst leaping. There must be leaping to go with the skipping.
    I also suggest concluding with "jaaaaaaaaaazz haaaaaaaaaaaands!" Regardless of the out come.

    Miss K

  3. Suggestion approved; leaping will be included. If they haven't muffled me, the jazz hands will also be included.

    Would you be interested in a freelance department position? :D

  4. Even crooning Jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazzzzzzzz Haaaaaaaaaaaands!!! whilst being led away in shackles is appropriate.

    I'm always interested. >;}