Inter-Office Memo; CC: Mr. Collins

Mr. Collins;

While I understand that I am in fact the CEO and typesetter of the department and thereby the umbrella company of SR Productions, I must ask one favour of you.

As we are aware, there is a large file marked "Learn to Drive" sitting in a filing cabinet here that I believe I am incapable of filling out and processing for you. I was never properly taught to drive, only how to survive on a roadway filled with asshats and crazy vigilante pedestrians, so I feel I am inadequate with spearheading this particular project.

Please have an outline on my desk as soon as possible.

We're both aware that you can drive very well and I can simply avoid being caught while breaking laws of the highway and city roads, so perhaps it would be most prudent that you attempt to teach the masses how to drive properly.

I am only capable of telling them how to evade detection while driving like an arrogant ass.

Thank you! Look forward to next board meeting at headquarters.

- Ms. V

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