Just another morning at the office...

Mr. C: Are jeans too casual for an interview at the [local cellphone provider] kiosk?
Ms. V: As long as they're clean and unripped. And making an otherwise appropriately clean looking appearance. I'd suggest you go as the private investigator* though. That's a good look.
Mr. C: With the tie and striped pants?
Ms. V: Anyway, I meant to say, no, jeans are now a more acceptable look, being that current trends make their cuts more appropriate to a wide variety of workplaces. Yes. Tuck in the shirt, though.
Mr. C: Yes yes.
Ms. V: Or, everyone's favourite English teacher.*

*Mr. C has a somewhat useful habit of naming his outfit ensembles in such a way that I can easily categorize them mentally. It also makes speaking in code a somewhat entertaining endeavour, and lends itself to my plot to dominate the world via the crumbling English language.

Patrick Bateman lives on, in a pregnant 24 year old hairstylist.

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