Recent Facepalms

1. Black student walking out of quiz on To Kill a Mockingbird - citing that the book was racist. No, son - characters in the book are racist. The narrator, and ultimately the moral of the book, are not. If the story was told from the view of a 7-year-old bigot in Alabama in the Dirty Thirties, I'd burn it myself. There's your subtly bold statement of the day.

2. Deliberately avoiding the adult education centre washroom in favour of the hairstyling school washroom, only to find urine all over every single toilet seat. Ladies, pay attention! I was counting on you!

3. "If I've shaved my legs and am wearing panties underneath, is it acceptable for me to leave the house in your boxers, in this heat?"
"Knock yourself out. You'll still be covering more of your ass than the pregnant teenager we saw last night."

4. Despite being rather educated, I'll be in high school on my 25th birthday. Which is tomorrow. Send me chocolate. Also send me central air conditioning. Kthx love you!

Editor's note;
I'm not sure which is more disturbing, #1 or #3. Regardless, I left the house in his underwear.


  1. Personally, I find number two the most disturbing. Not that you avoided said wash room, but the fact that you NEED to avoid it. You attend an ADULT learning centre. One would think, that as adults, you know that urine goes in the hole, not on the porcelain and plastic that surrounds it. (Peepee go down the hole! Ewww... Flush it! /Tiny Toons Moment.)

    I am curious how an inanimate object expresses it's feelings on any subject, let alone makes racist comments. Did the book say anything to anyone else? Perhaps it ruffled it's pages threateningly? I must admit, I am curious.

  2. I eagerly await the day a book ruffles its pages menacingly at me! <3