Things I Have Learned From Other Drivers

Blinkers? Don't need em.
Merge into traffic at whatever speed you feel like.
Construction closures are no reason to drive slower, or more courteously.

Let me tell you a story about a pickup truck I had the pleasure of sharing the road with this afternoon. This truck did the following while I was watching it:
Cut off a number of drivers while navigating the world's smallest basket-weave onramp.
Proceed to speed and dodge your way down the express lanes, in light Sunday afternoon traffic mid-city, and nearly missing the ramp to the highway you needed to be on, only missing the ramp's leading edge by half a meter after swerving across 2.5 lanes of traffic, narrowly missng 4 cars.
Cut across two lanes of traffic to the left because the lane he was in ends, only to swerve back across traffic to get to your exit 2km away. Without signaling.
Change lanes through an intersection at the top of a very steep hill doing 90 in a 60.
Drift between lanes at your own whimsy on city streets.

People, learn to drive.

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